This short  film, Porcelain Unicorn, won last year’s “Tell It Your Way” competition in which entrants were given freedom of expression and could take up any theme. However, they were bound to two constraints:

1. The dialogue had to be exactly six lines.
2. The film could not exceed three minutes.

The sole judge was director-producer Sir Ridley Scott.

I was impressed with how much was packed into so little. Such attention to detail and it really created a tangible mood, as if you were there in Germany 1943. Someone on Youtube commented that he’d seen a three-hour film and experienced less emotion. That same commenter also wrote, “There was no need for the Jewish Nazi point — this would be moving whatever the belief system portrayed.”

I don’t quite get that argument, as this was a vignette of a brief but powerful interaction between a Nazi youth and a Jewish girl. If it was a film about two people of other denominations, then it would have been a different film. This was what writer/director Keegan Wilcox wanted to portray. I don’t get the commenter’s beef. Do you?  Watch it and see for yourself and let me know what you think.

P.S. A shout out to my mom for alerting me to the Porcelain Unicorn. I had no idea it even existed. Thanks Mom!