Financial executive turned documentary filmmaker Mary Skinner says 9/11 inspired her to do something more meaningful with her life. It took several years and lots of obstacles, but she did it and the fruits of her labor are wholly apparent.

In the Name of Their Mothers is Skinner’s documentary film about Polish war hero Irena Sendler, who was little known until four Kansas teenagers wrote a play about her for a school project.

Sendler, a Catholic social worker in Poland, organized an underground rescue network in the Warsaw Ghetto, ultimately smuggling 2,500 Jewish children to safety. Sendler says she knocked on doors and “talked Jewish mothers out of their children.”

As reported by Helen Zelon in the September issue of More magazine, “During nearly eight years of film-making and multiple trips to Poland, [Skinner] fought bureaucratic snafus and language barriers,” to bring this project to light. Despite a snafu that disqualified her from entering American film festivals, her documentary was picked up by PBS and debuted in the U.S. on Holocaust Remembrance Day, May 11, 2011.

And this just skims the surface of inspirational stories Skinner wants to share with viewers. According to the article in More, “Skinner has a trove of World War II stories, and is now branching out into educational film projects.”

Cool. Can’t wait to see more.