Doctors in Germany are sorry. So very, very sorry. Except their apology (if you can call it that) is six decades too late.

According to an MSNBC editorial by Art Caplan, PhD, “The German Medical Association has issued a remarkably blunt and straightforward apology, more than six decades after the end of World War II, for the role it played during the Holocaust in the mass murder, sterilization and barbaric medical experiments done on Jews and many other groups.”

“The declaration says that contrary to popular belief doctors were not forced by political authorities to kill and experiment on prisoners but rather engaged in the Holocaust as leaders and enthusiastic Nazi supporters,” writes Caplan, adding that this statement was “unanimously adopted by the delegates of the Physician’s Congress.”

Pardon my acronym but WTF? And seriously, did it take them 60+ years to craft that statement?

And now I have a cyber-commenter-crush on someone named Eric C who responded to the news with this:

I feel no satisfaction from this apology of the German Physicians Congress. An apology issued for acts committed by others is just so much moral preening. This apology is akin to the congressional apologies for slavery and abuse of native Americans issued in 2009. They are jejune blatherings, a corruption of language. It would have been better for these German doctors to simply condemn their predecessors, rather than to strut through this mummery of apologizing for them.”

Amen Eric C., you took the words I didn’t have right out of my mouth. Thanks for so eloquently stating exactly how I feel.