UPDATE: April 28, 2015
Like many projects, this one has evolved over time and is now called, “What Happened to that Baby”. More info to come soon.

Original description of book and blog:
Welcome to Googling the Holocaust, a companion blog to my book-in-progress, “What Happened to That Baby”. The book tells the true story of two people whose brief chance encounter altered the course of both their lives. It is also a story about the Holocaust as it enters the digital age: Connections made. Reunions had. Lives changed. The impossible made possible.

Thanks to major technological advances in the past 15 years — such as sophisticated search engines and social media sites — Holocaust survivors and their offspring have been able to dig deeper and reach farther. The pace and scope in which they are able to connect is astounding. These multiple generations of survivors (including children and grandchildren) are both discovering history and making history simultaneously.

This blog will serve as a repository of interesting things I discover while writing this book. I encourage you to join the conversation and introduce discussions of your own. Please join me on my journey by checking back often. And of course, thanks for stopping by.

Julie Z. Rosenberg
Brooklyn, NY

P.S. The black-and-white photograph at the top of the home page is of my mother-in-law, Hana Berger Moran, She is the protagonist of my book, Googling the Holocaust. The photograph was taken by Yuri Dojc.